Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Present for Mom

This is a request from Emily, who said, "Can you please draw a Bunny?" Emily's was the inspiration for my drawing "God's Little Angel". How would you like two bunnies, Emily? Enjoy!


Rhonda Miller said...

These bunnies are so darn cute. I love them.

Sprytebyrd said...

Emily says:
"Yes, I would enjoy two bunnies! I Love You, Karen! Thank You!"

Thank you, Karen, she is grinning from ear to ear!


Gwendolyn said...

And again they are very very very cute! Love them!

Kleeblatt said...

Oh, this bunny is so cute. I love it.
Hugs MOnika

Karen said...

To Cute!!!
You are just amazing with all of your ideas!!!I have only found you 2 weeks ago and so love your site!!!!

Autumn said...

so cute! I just love your drawings!

Sandra said...

they are sooo cute, just like all your digis :-)

Just bought this one and now I'm waiting for the email where I can download the ones I bought :-)

Trimgym said...

This one is just sooo cute again. How do youi do it?

Love all your stamps.


Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Awww, this is so sweet!