Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It Wasn't Me!

I thought you would like a Kitty version of our popular stamp "I Didn't Do It" :-) Enjoy!


Cordine said...

i love it!!
Thanks Karen

Kleeblatt said...

Oh, what for a bad cat ;-)
I love it.

Hugs Monika

Ruthie said...

eeeeeee - so funny! Looks just like one of my moggies!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah - this is a must have. I love it!

Karen Wilson said...

hahahaha! I LOVE it!!

shulsart said...

Too cute, I can just see the sentiment on the card ..... Busted!
Great job, Karen.

Ms. Jen said...

So cute Karen!!

Nicola said...

My sofa so looks like this right now. Love this image.