Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Who caught who?

And another fun fishing image. Enjoy!

Project sample - Designer: Bernadet Weijs.

Sample card - Designer: Nancy Cappelen

Big Catch

A fun image for the Fisherman in your life!

Project sample - designer: Bernadet Weijs

Sample card - Designer: Elaine Burnett

New Freebie!

I hope you will enjoy this new freebie!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Card sample - Designer: Ellen Ruberg

Sample card - Designer: Anne Cullen

Couch Potato

Sample project - designer: Nancy Cappelen

King Burger

Sample card - Designer: Anne Cullen

Sample Card - designer: Renata Elenbaas


Sample card - designer: Kari Ronnabak

Sample card - designer: Elaine Burnett

What A Swing

Samplecard designer: Renata Elenbaas

Sample card - designer: Nancy Cappelen

Shopping Day

Samplecard designer: Anne Cullen

Sample card - Designer: Renata Elenbaas