Monday, December 28, 2009

Problems becoming a follower?

Can anyone answer this question from Tertia, one of our potential followers?
"I have been trying to become a follower several times, but can not see your followers at all and can't seem to get on. Don't know what is wrong?"
Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions for Tertia?
Thanks so much for your help on this problem :-)


Larissa said...

I have had no problems becoming a follower, but maybe you can try it this way. On top of the blog above the blog header (the image with karen's doodles and all the animals there is a blogger toolbar and there is also a button where you can become a follower. Or you copy the adress of this blog and go to the blogger dashboard and you use the button add (I hope this is the right name, my blogger is in dutch) and copy the adress from this blog in there. This button you can find under all the blogs you follow.

Hope this wil help,

Always with a Sentiment said...

Hi, I have just gone onto your blog to check and all I have is the title FOLLOWERS but no pictures.
Sorry cant help.
Sandra xx

Sam said...

Well the followers thingy is here for me but as Larissa said there is the Follow button at the top before you start to scroll down. I've had to do that on a few blogs
Hope it helps hun
Sam x

Unknown said...

Hi there,
I agree with Larissa, I personally had no problems but you can always become a follower by clicking on the "follow" option on the blogger toolbar which appears just above the blog header. Some blogs don't have this option either but it seems 95% do so please try that option and I hope it helps.
Dawn xx

Shelly Schmidt said...

Yes- I joined recently and could not click the Follow button either- I had to click the one on the Top of the page and it worked for me!

Penny said...

Sometimes blogger just plain doesn't work right some days and you can't see the follow section. It's usually fixed within a few hours or few days.

coby said...

maybe java needs a update ?

Katie L Oakley said...

It will be something to do with your Java - Maybe try updating it? I have this problem at work (And I know that its Java as we arent allowed it installed at work) but works fine at home on my laptop. I hope you get it sorted soon xx

Kim. said...

I have no problem seeing the followers name and photos but have myself also had to use the follow button at the top of a blog before when no followers list appears.
I do know though that if you are reading a blog in a translated text the followers button is not available. Not sure what nationality Tertia is but could this be the problem???
Kim xXx

Leslie said...

I have had issues sometimes when I click on the button to be a follower and it says it can't handle the request and to try again later. I always try again immediately and usually on the second try it opens up with no problems. Not sure if that info helps at all.

Doodle Queen said...

Thank you everyone for answering all of Tertia's questions about becoming a follower. Thanks to all of you she became a follower yesterday. :-)
Hugs, Karen