Saturday, December 5, 2009


Today I am posting a Mermaid image I drew. She is very fun to color as you will see below :-)
I like to color my images with either colored pencils or water color pencils. For this image I used Prisma Color pencils because of the wide variety of colors available.

I usually start with the lightest colors and then add darker colors for the shadows and details.

To get a watercolor look to my drawing, I dipped a Blending stump into Mineral Spirits and "blended" the colors together. As you know, you can't use water on a digital stamp because the black ink will smear. This is a wonderful solution to artists like me who like to create Digital images but like the look of traditional watercolor painting.

I can thank Dawn - aka Doodle Princess for this suggestion. She has been researching products that work well with Digi- Images. For more info or to ask Dawn a question- go to Doodle Diva's Gallery.

Hugs and have a great day! PS- Tomorrow I'll be posting my "Husband" version of the "Hunting Widow" image - "Crafter's Widower" Heheh I think you will enjoy that one!


Dragonlady said...

Hi Karen

This is gorgeous - fab image and fab colouring.

Hugs Ali x

Anonymous said...

Wow - love, love your mermaid. Your coloring is fabulous and many, many thanks for your tips.
Please, please I must have a stamp version of this.

Mary P

gina rahman said...

Hi Karen your Digi's are beautiful.

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Lisa Foster said...

This is absolutely lovely Karen!!!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

This mermaid looks amazing!!

pinky said...

Beautiful image and colouring and thanks for the tips.

Doodle Queen said...

Hi Gina:

Thanks so much for posting :-) I will have to pass on your offer for now. We are crazy busy launching our own company and I don't think we'll have any free time. Please keep us posted and Good Luck to You! Sounds like a fun venture :-)

Hugs, Karen

Marjo said...

Hi just ordered this digi for my grandchild. It has been over 1/2 Hour. How long before we get a link to download? THanks Marjo