Sunday, October 23, 2011

A humble apology

Hi everyone!
I am really sorry about what happened last week with the website. This year I was offered a full time faculty position to start a new Interactive Media Program at Moraine Park Technical College in Wisconsin. It was a great opportunity to give back all that I have learned over the years working in animation for Disney, Mattel and Fisher Price. I love drawing and technology!

I also figured this 22 hour per week teaching job and summers off would allow me the perfect balance- to continue to draw my doodle images regularly and work for Fisher Price. (I am obviously NOT living in reality) I had NO idea how much work teachers do!!! I am writing the curriculum for 10 courses AND teaching. Last two weeks I had to do my grades and turn in the curriculum for the courses I was writing. I got so busy that I didn't check any of my emails (a little voice said...well how much can go wrong?) This week I opened my email and aaaaagh!  I no longer use the credit card tied to my domain name, so when it went to renew GoDaddy took down the site.

Because I didn't answer emails people thought the worst...I was dead, crazy or if I WAS alive people wanted to kill me! How stupid of me. I learned valuable lessons from this.

First- promise to people ONLY what you can deliver. I have always had a hard time saying no. I want to make everyone happy and want to do everything so I promise drawings, ideas and think somehow, maybe, with little sleep I can do it all! Bad idea! You only are fooling yourself and you disappoint family and friends in the process!

Second- be honest with yourself. Someone asked "Why didn't you tell us you were so busy?"
When your in the midst of a storm, it's hard to admit to yourself that you can't get everything done.

Third- Friendships are the more valuable than anything. It takes a long time to develop them, but you can lose them by not being dependable. I have not had the time to comment on the beautiful work from my design teams on our two Challenge blogs or give proper thanks to Anne and Renata and the other girls for all their hard work every week. They have done so much and I feel really bad to let them down.

Fourth- Being a dreamer can be hard! My entire world is made up of fanciful creatures and grand ideas. Because I can think up everything in an instant, I have a hard time estimating time! So I promise more than I can deliver!

So, what happens now? I DO want to draw and create more than anything, but with my new job I have to admit that right now I don't have the time now to devote regular time to it. I have over 300 images in my shop now, more than I ever imagined. I'm going to keep my web store open and add images when I have the time to be creative. I'm not going to make any promises or stress myself out! In the future, as I get all my curriculum done and my lessons are created, I hope I will have more time to create and draw. (Teachers, it does get easier doesn't it?)

As far as the Challenge blogs go, I have told the girls of the situation with my job. I am leaving the decision up to them whether they want to continue, knowing that I can't promise how many new images I will be posting on a regular basis or that I may not have time to post comments. I hope that the vast amount of images I have in my shop will be enough to keep it going. It's entirely up to them and I respect whatever decision they want to make. Check their blogs for updates.

I'm not giving up and walking away forever...there are too many ideas floating in my head with Bigsby, Herbert, Rosie and Betty. I just have to get out of the clouds and take care of business here on Earth for a bit!

I hope one day to open a Web Gallery of all the beautiful cards you have created....please email them to me at Add your name and email or blog and how you made the card. My sister volunteered help me catalog the cards for this future Gallery.

Finally, it is always a treat to see and hold the cards you make with my images. You can always mail them to me at:

Karen Johnson
Karen's Doodles
PO Box 44735
Racine, WI 53404

Love to you all. It feels good to be honest with myself and finally admit my limitations! As far as teachers go? It is the hardest and most rewarding job I have ever had (except for drawing) If you see a teacher? Give them a BIG Hug!

Karen :-)


Dawnll said...

I am so darn proud of you and how far you have came.
No apology needed, but I am glad you realize you have limitations.
Keep dreaming- wouldn't want you any other way my friend.
Hugs to you

Rhonda Miller said...

I wish you luck in you new endeavors. I'm glad you'll still be around. I haven't used my KD images as much as I've wanted to lately, but hope to get some printed soon.


Nancy said...

I am soooo glad you are fine, sweetie:0) Best of luck with your new job. Take care!!!

Hugs and smiles from Nancy;0)

Anonymous said...

I got really worried last week when i couldn't access your site, i love your images. I am glad the site is back and will look forward to any new images you get a chance to put up. Glad you are back. Keep up the FANTASTIC WORK.

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

I'm late in responding. I taught at the high school level for 33 years and I now sub which still takes away a lot. I never knew how much till I got older. You have to tell yourself to let some things go and learn to say NO. If it's your passion to teach, take a year off from Karen Doodles...we'll find you again. Or, when you have that image in your head, draw and draw while students are in class to see you creating too...share with them your other love. Wish you well. I miss my students, but I still get to teach. I don't miss the paper work even though I was a stickler for it being perfect. I wish you the best. Learn to say No every once in a while. True admirer of your work.

Chris (catt871) said...

Karen, you know we all love you!!! And, me, personally, understands completely! I am an elementary teacher & it DOES get easier, so hang in there!!! It doesn't slow down, but it gets easier!!!!
Big hugs to you.....

a Seeker of the TRUTH said...

Your fans are all behind you and we will support you in all your dreams. I love your work and will keep looking for new drawings when you have the time. Follow your dreams and your followers will continue to follow you. Good luck in all your choices for 2012 and thanks for sharing this post with us.hugs julie

a Seeker of the TRUTH said...

Your fans are all behind you and we will support you in all your dreams. I love your work and will keep looking for new drawings when you have the time. Follow your dreams and your followers will continue to follow you. Good luck in all your choices for 2012 and thanks for sharing this post with us.hugs julie

Anonymous said...

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