Saturday, December 18, 2010

Emma Valentine

Emma Valentine

Sample Card - Designer: Sandy Hulsart
Hi everyone! Sandy told me that I haven't released any new images of Emma Bear in a while. She also gently (LOL) reminded me that WE STAMPERS ARE WORKING ON VALENTINES CARDS NOW SO GET MOVING!! Haha...I can take a hint :-) I still have alot to learn about your craft don't I? So here is a combo image of Emma AND Valentines Day to keep you crafters happy!

Today we are heading to Madison to see our daughter, Becca, graduate from college. Another big milestone and something to celebrate! I also wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has inspired me to keep this little blog and digi shop alive for a year now. To Dawn for putting countless hours into getting it going, to Sandy and Renata for keeping it going and running the Challenge Blogs, to all the DT's for continuing to inspire us with their beautiful cards, and finally to all of you who keep me going with your kind comments about my drawings. Thanks to everyone...check back on Monday for more Valentines and also a BIG ANNIVERSARY SALE!!! Whoo Hoo!

Love to you all! Hugs,

Sample card designer: Kelly Schelske


Dawnll said...

Oh how sweet of you to mention me, I appreciate your words. It has grown because people love your art!
You might have a little to learn about crafting, but you make up for it in all the beautiful drawings you share.
Hugz to Becca- I am so proud of her! Enjoy your time with the family.

shulsart said...

You are most welcome, Karen. I love this little Emma bear, she is adorable. And I have truly enjoyed the last 11 months of working with your designs and the talented ladies of the design team. Holiday Hugs Sandy