Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fisher Dad

After many requests for manly images here is the first of a series :-) I am sure every Dad can relate to this one! LOL  Enjoy!


Randi WS said...

Ha ha, Karen this image is GREAT!!! I gonna add this one to my wishing list ;)

Anonymous said...

I love this image Karen - but, I have a hubby who has two little girl fishing buddies!!! Very cute.


Doodle Queen said...

Jodi: I was going to make a girl version too

CreaRenata said...

This one is FINtastic! Made a card with this one already. You can see it here.


Eva Helen said...

he,he,he So funny and Fantastic image!
I have a picture of my husband and son, and it is so similar to your drawing, so we started laughing all her,he,he,he,he.

Hugs From Eva Helen