Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fisher Dad and More Kids

After I posted Fisher Dad with his son, my email lit up with "What about the girls?" and "I love to fish with my Dad". I also has a few requests for the "Thank You Kids" to fish with Dad, so here is another set with New kids with Dad.

As a special treat for those who like to work with layers, I have included the kids and Dad on separate layers so you can customize your card. Example- Dad with two daughters, etc.   Or, you can even use Dad by himself.  Enjoy!


Karen Wilson said...

This is really cute!!

Kristine said...

Oh this is AWESOME!! Thanks for making it customizable Karen!! My hubby's been itchin' to go fishin' for quite some time and we have 2 daughters, so love that I can make it to fit "our family" *Ü* THANKS! Now I've gotta peruse more of your awesome digis. xXx