Friday, July 1, 2011

Little Girl

I have had many requests for "sitting" images. Also even more requests for things that she can sit on. I was thinking of drawing a swing with a tree. Do you have any other suggestions? Any other "sitting" characters you would like to see? Dogs, cats, more kids? I would love to hear your suggestions :-)


Sample card, also used: Ice Cream
Designer: Nancy Cappelen

Card Sample - Designer: Carol van der Westhuizen


Rhonda Miller said...

Soo cute.

Chrissy said...

I think your drawings are fabulous.
You know how boys put there foot up on a rest of some kind, then lean on their elbow onto their knee,the other hand on hip.. that could be cool.
Lying on the tummy would be good, you could make many scenes with an image like that,resting on elbows, on the grass, gazing through the field,on a sunny day.. ooo.. sorry, wandered off
A park bench, then you could add birds on the back if you wished, or a cat.Greenery behind.This of course is coming from someone who loves to make scenes, simple ones, cutting out and sticking on, moving digis around has lost me.

Angela said...

This little girl is real cute... I have used her for the Dutch DT-Call...and yes I did miss a swing or a bench... Perhaps a little brickwall to sit on?!?!

Kelly Schelske said...

A swing, bench, tree stump, fence, wall, lots of fun things for sitting images and then could be used for new sitting cuties too!!